Is One Ocean available for Android?

No, at this stage One Ocean and 9 Quotes are exclusively available on iOS.

If there is enough genuine interest in an Android version I am happy to create one down the track. Keep in mind that it took about 3 years for One Ocean to look and behave like it does today. Software development is a time expensive activity.

The Android port would not take this much time because I will have a clear vision from the beginning and can translate much of the code I already wrote. Nonetheless it would require a financial investment which at this point is not really feasible for me.

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Remember: To spend hundred of hours of time on something that will be used by just a handful of people, and then to make maybe 200$ on it from donations can sometimes seem a little bit like a downer. So a nice e-mail / review or word of mouth marketing can mean the world to us poor software developers 😉

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