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You can directly support the development of this project. Creating this software has cost me uncountable hours of work, work that i loved to do of course. Unfortunately my financial situation does not allow me to spend so much time and i have to start looking into other areas as well.
Creating Baha’i software is my calling, you can help me to follow my calling with all my heart and mind in return i will create the Baha’i software you will love.

Write a review on the App Store and give a 5 star rating for One Ocean, reviews are so important for developers. Not only to help with the App Store ranking, not only to help with future job applications but also morally to let us know that our efforts and time is spend purposefully and there are people out there who enjoy this app.

Let me know what you think of my App, Did you have a good experience? Did you had a challenging experience? I love to hear from you, seriously i look forward to every e-mail that i get from within the App. I would love nothing more than to spend one on one time with everyone of you and to talk about what you want from this App.

I made this App for you and i look forward to every opportunity where i can make you feel that this actually is your own App.

Please do not hesitate to write me:

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