One Ocean is a big baby, full packed with features. Sitting here with a big headache trying to organise my thoughts and logical design structures for the next steps i found an old correspondence that i send out to my friend Chad. In it i explain my early outline of the Idea of what now became One Ocean. The document is dated 3 March 2014 and it is telling the early stage of the development of One Ocean.

I will copy and paste it here for everyone to read, what an interesting reflection to look at this old document and the current stage of development.


3 March 2014 – Baha’i Writings App


Have a Bahai writings app that allows to create a personalised reference library.
To not overwhelm the Task i would like to initially only include the Hidden Words in my Database, then implement the functionality and design. From there it can be further developed into a full Bahai Library.

I guess it is also possible to have a function in the first version that allows to paste a text content into the “Favorite” system. Maybe the Favorite System could be more like a “ Notebook” that is categorised.

Initially i also thought to include the virtues in the favorite system, like a preset of possible category entries to allow reflection about the virtues and their representation / connection in the Hidden Words ( writings ).

Something like the app “ Quotes Folder “ would be awesome, but with a focus on the Bahai Writings. Even little helpful features like a 19day Timer or a 95 Tabs or memorisation helper could be somehow integrated seemlesly. Maybe without even a big focus on these functions so by just using the app it will be someday discovered by the user.
Also the idea to have statistics is great, and the search function is awesome.

Features for a start would be:

Opening Scene could be a cover for the Book
Display one Hidden Word at a time
some are long so they wont fit on the screen ( scroll )
Show the number of the Hidden Word, the source (name of Book, Author)

Go through the Hidden Words ( next, previous )
Display random Hidden Word
Add a Hidden Word to “Favorites”
Add a custom Entry to “Favorites”

Favorite System:

When opened to safe a new entry
choose a Virtue to safe in
create a custom category to safe in
Display for selected Hidden Word the categories its already listed in ( e.G. checkmark next to category name in the list, or list of already connected categories. )

When opened to view the entries
Have a list of categories with existing entries
indicator of number of entries
indicator of new entries ( not viewed )
add a custom entry

First i had a different approach so i made already half the app but found out it is unrealistic as it would be way to complex to create it as i intend it to be.
Also i found that it is highly beneficial to use the Navigation Bar (where the “Back” button is in all the Utility apps), once i am more experienced with programming i can probably go around it and make a more custom UI but i can learn how to customize the Navigation Bar with Background Color / picture, custom icons ect.

Maybe we can first clarify the essential stuff like all this and from there think of an Design and then i can do research and find out how realistic it is for me at this stage to implement this design.
I chose to only have Hidden Words first, to keep the first app i make simple so i can learn and get familiar with the basics.
I guess i can have simple animations and transformations implemented in the design, for example drag and drop and swipe things around the screen. The Design should be very minimalistic and the Focus should be on readability and appealing to the eye.

I could send you some screenshots of how the app looks at the moment but that is almost embarassing haha

Also i am still working on the old XCODE so at the moment i can not work with all the new iOS7 elements but i would like the app to also support iOS6 and be fast on older devices but still it should look modern.
Once i get my working memory for the newer macbook Pro i will look into iOS7 and all its new feautures but till then i will have iOS6 as development target.


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