The biggest problem in computer software sits usually about 30cm in front of the Monitor.

It doesn’t sound nice to say, but as a software developer we know that the user will always find ways of pressing buttons and understanding the software that we did not design it for. 

I can probably apply this to the Human Body as well. Our Body is the Interface with which we interact with the World around us. It is designed with the understanding that the user ( us ) will look after it and for example will undertake regular recreational activities.

Well, this User ( me ) did lately spend most of his time coding in front of his laptop and the other time playing with his newborn son. Therefore i ignored some basic Guidelines on how to look after and use my personal Interface ( my Body ).

I found a bug in my spine while preparing for a Book 1 study circle. The Error code read something like Acute lower back pain and fortunately my system did not crash completely but it required some administrative actions to be applied.

I am trying to take things easy now, and even though i just released my new Baha’i related iOS App called 9Quotes i will try to slow down a little bit and also look after myself.

This will hopefully in return give me more energy to then look even more after all my digital babies as well as my biological baby.

Thanks to my amazing friend Michael from World Class Web Marketing, who also helps me with this Website, i can share a daily exercise with you. This will help us all to maintain a healthy back.


Thank you all for your patience. I know there are still bugs in One Ocean but in about 2 days there will be a new update again. If you haven’t done so please consider giving my new App a go. I am very confident that you will love it!






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