Lets talk about Bugs.

Bugs are little mistakes that enter a software and in the worst case, cause a short circuit.

Like in the one update i submitted to Apple. After waiting for 10 days for the update to get reviewed by Apple i finally got the notification:

“One Ocean status has changed to: in review”.
Not long after, i got the next notification: “You app status has changed to: rejected”.

Why did Apple reject it? A quick look in the resolution centre revealed: App crashed while opening…

What caused the crash? After searching for 2 hours i found that i changed one line of code to skip a block of code that was creating the initial “welcome” quotations. I decided to save 0.02ms loading time by skipping the creation of this set of quotations, but i forgot to make sure my app runs through this code at least once.

Now in the last update you maybe have seen it, One Ocean introduced Landscape orientation. This is a beautiful feature that i was working on for a long time. Especially on the iPad… unfortunately i had to change some User Interface elements and particularly their animations. Now after submitting that Update and after Apple approved it i realised that i also deactivated an animation that would move the list of categories up when creating a new category and the on screen keyboard slides up.

Maybe some of you have noticed that the onscreen keyboard was blocking everything, making it very tricky to create new categories.

Luckily i could fix that rather quickly and could convince Apple to accelerate the review process as an exception.

Well, in the update i submitted i broke another block of code – by accident of course.

One of my favourite features of One Ocean – The unique daily readings, is at the moment not showing your daily reading anymore after you open a notification…

You can still see your daily reading though, in the online view where you see all daily readings. You can also create your own by hitting the shuffle button.
My new update is waiting for approval by Apple, it will come with an improved daily reading feature and One Ocean will finally start collecting your daily readings for you. So you can see the one from today, yesterday and all the other days that you opened a notification.

Of course there are still many bugs around. And with every new feature there will be new bugs.

After all – i hope – One Ocean is still an amazing piece of software. Innovation is always accompanied by challenges. At least thats what i tell myself.

With Baha’i love

Your tired but happy developer

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