Feature list:

+ No Internet connection required!
+ Beautiful inspiration
+ Create your own categories to save your favorite quotations
~ create as many categories as you wish
~ collect your favorite quotations from the Holy Writings Library
~ always have the option to link those quotations back to the original context
~ share quotations with your friends on Facebook
~ share entire collections via email, airdrop or sms
~ copy and paste functions

+ Search through the full Library
~ filter by author
~ search through a single book

+ Automatic bookmarks for each book
~ every book will automatically open on the last page you read

+ Baha’i Library in your pocket which includes
~ 1 Book by The Bab
~ 12 Books by Baha’u’llah
~ 11 Books by Abdu’l-Baha
~ 10 Books by Shoghi Effendi
~ Complete Prayer Book
~ 30 Messages from the UHJ

+ A beautiful original design and intuitive interface developed from scratch over the span of one year

~~ transform the way we collect the Writings, transform the way we see technology ~~

You can find me on twitter and Facebook @OneOceanLibrary

” Indulge not your bodies with rest, but work with all your souls, and with all your hearts cry out and beg God to grant you his succour and grace. ”
~ `Abdu’l-Bahá


  1. Anonymous

    Dear friend,

    I am having difficulty with your app. It does not open. I have removed it and downloaded it again a couple of times. But it still does not open. Any suggestions. I use it on iPhone 6S with 9.3.1.

    • Eloy

      Thank you for your patience Roozbeh, i have sent out an email to you. Will investigate into this challenge and hopefully resolve it.

      Much love and sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. Bonnie Taylor

    I am also having this difficulty. Perhaps it is related to the recent iOS update?

    • Eloy

      I am sorry to hear that Bonnie. Are you experiencing the problem with iOS 9.3.2 or are you as well as Roozbeh on 9.3.1?

  3. David

    I find myself increasingly turning to this wonderful resource to teach the Faith and answer difficult questions. I have put this app in my teaching folder as it has more than one once found the exact quote I was looking for.

    More resorces please as this is being used for Teaching so the more resources the better.

    Loving Regards


    • Eloy

      Thanks David, how wonderful to read your comment. I will keep that in mind as extra bit of motivation to make this App more useful in your teaching work.

      Much Love


    • Sina Karimi

      Alláh’u’Abhá dear friends and wayfarers in the path of God.
      I’d have to say I highly agree with the comments of David. I really love this app.
      It’s quick and efficient.
      It helps with Independent Investigation (to find sources quickly and proclaim the right quotes).
      It also helps with the laws of Bahá’u’lláh regarding reading the Writings every morn and eventide and saying prayers. It makes me a better Bahá’í.

      I just likewise like the others have a trouble. The app opens then after 10 secs closes again. I have an iPhone 5.
      It would be great if you can help me out.

      • Eloy

        Allah’u’Abha Sina,

        thanks for your comment. Can you confirm that you have the latest update? Is there any other action you take inside of the App or does it just close itself after 10 seconds? I will investigate into this, sorry for the inconvenience

  4. Courosh

    May you kindly include The Secret of Divine Civilization by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’í in the collection?

    • Eloy

      Dear Courosh, thanks for reminding me! I will add this into the collection of Writings in the One Ocean App! Expect it to be in the next update.

      • Courosh

        Dear Eloy, I am astonished by how quickly you made this available and very grateful!

        • Eloy

          Thanks Courosh, I just happened to find a full day time and put it on the top priority. Glad you noticed. Unfortunately every update deletes all reviews on the App Store. If you can leave one there that would be fantastic.

  5. Jan Staton

    Hi! I am an android user. Would really appreciate having this when it’s developed. When I signed up for the newsletter, it said I was already signed up, but I haven’t received the newsletter.

    • Eloy

      Hello Jan,

      sorry for the confusion. Still working on what content I want to include in the newsletter. Therefore there has never been one send out as of yet. Don’t want to bother people with trivial e-mails 😉 If I find the time to work on the Android port I will definitely send this information out in the newsletter.

      Thanks for showing your Interest though.

  6. Jan Ivanoff

    I’m also awaiting the android version.

    • Eloy

      Dear Jan,

      If I find the time and resources I will send it out in my newsletter. You can sign up to that Newsletter to stay informed.

      Thanks for the Interest.


    • Eloy

      Unfortunately the code for One Ocean would be way to complex for this, 9 Quotes App could be more fitting. How many quotes do you have collected? I like your initiative and if possible I would be happy to support it.

  7. Julie

    I love Ocean. I have the Ocean from years ago. I don’t seem to be able to download an update. Im not very tech savvy so I have questions. Please, is One Ocean the same, improved Ocean? My search showed various versions…what is the latest version? I have a PC. Would it work to simply download this improved version?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 phone. Can Ocean or One Ocean be downloaded to it?

    Many thanks!

    • Eloy

      Dear Julie,

      One Ocean is named as a tribute to the wonderful Ocean software for PC, but other than that it has not much to do with the old Ocean software. By the time I created this App Ocean was unavailable and the project seemed to be not in development anymore. But recently i heard that there will be a new version of Ocean.

      Sorry for the confusion with the name but One Ocean is only available for iPhone and iPad at the moment. An Android or Samsung version is on my wish list too but time and resources are an issue for me.

      I hope this helped to clarify your questions, sorry for the inconvenience.

      Much Love


  8. Terrill Hayes

    The app will no longer open on my iPad on IOS 11.0.2. The starting logo displays. After about 15 seconds the logo disappears. Thank you for your assistance.

    • Eloy

      sorry to hear that, can you please confirm if this still happens after updating to latest version of One Ocean?

  9. Rezal

    Hi, I love one ocean, but it suddenly won’t work for me. Every time I try to open it on my phone it crashes. :'(

    • Eloy

      Please check your E-Mail Inbox. We will get that working again, sorry for the crash.

  10. Jackie Newberry

    I attempted to send you this feedback from the app, but it would not “submit”. Here we go: Just returned from Pilgrimage, it helped me prepare and Now is offering me the opportunity to finish and start books included in it. I have an iPhone 6s. I’m having several technical problems.

    1. It does not return me to where I left off.

    2. In the middle of reading it takes me back to the very beginning of the book. Currently, I’m reading God Passes By.

    I so appreciate your dedication to this. Pilgrims mentioned it during our time in Haifa. I will support you financially as best I can. Thank you!

  11. Ivette

    Hello, I’ve been increasingly interested in learning about the Baha’i faith. I downloaded this app in hopes of reading more, but am unsure if this is a useful resource for someone that is seeking understanding and knowledge about the foundational beliefs about this faith. If this in fact is an app that can support my learning and inquiries, where do I begin? Is there a guide that can let me know where to start, and what sequence to follow in my reading?

    • Eloy

      Hello Ivette,

      sorry for the late reply. Thanks for downloading the App and I am happy to hear about your journey of increasing interest. The App contains a wide variety of writings. I could suggest to read some writings by Abdu’l-Baha – maybe “Paris Talks”
      There are some great books that could be easier to digest, which are not included in my App as of yet. But you can find them as free ebooks or for very cheap.
      – Esslemont – Baha’u’llah and the new Era
      – Ives – Portals to Freedom
      – Sears – God loves laughter

      I highly recommend reading God loves laughter if you can find a copy, it’s not only informative but also a fantastic read.
      I am of course more than happy to assist you in finding physical copies of those books or in finding ebook links. For now I hope this will be of some assistance to you. Regarding the One Ocean App, you can use the daily notifications as inspiration for entry points to read even a few lines of different writings from Baha’u’llah.

      If you are happy to read very deep and detailed explanations about the foundational beliefs or history than you can look into some of the included books by Shoghi Effendi.
      Many people find the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha are a great entry point and beautiful to read. Whatever you chose, please let me know what you liked.

      I am thinking of implementing some sort of introduction or reading recommendation system for users who are learning about the Baha’i Faith, so maybe your experience can help there 😉

      Thanks for your time <3

      Much Love


  12. Craig Shere

    Really enjoy your app. Ability to save quotes in custom folders is terrific. Only improvement I’d make is ability to see where last ended reading a text or furthest point read (lost my place in ESW after working through it off and on for 3-4 weeks.

    Separately, want to ask if you’d have interest in creating a Baha’i invitation only online social forum where members can all create folders and add applicable citations from the Holy Writings. Would not need the Ocean text/resource, but would need some way to help people vet if a folder category has already been used to avoid duplication. Perhaps moderator needed to approve new folders. Can support this with $500 donation and would be willing to do moderator work if that is helpful.


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